@Point of Care™ to Create Buzz as a
Feature in “The Hive” at TEDMED 2014

tedmedLivingston, New Jersey – (May 12, 2014) –@Point of Care™, an innovative mobile platform that encourages greater engagement between the patient and clinician to improve decision-making and the quality of care, is proud to announce that it has been selected to participate in TEDMED 2014’s showcase of transformative and inspiring start-up companies, The Hive.


While at The Hive, @Point of Care’s leadership team will be on hand to discuss how, through the @Point of Care platform, patients can not only collect data about their symptoms, but also share that information with clinicians in a useful and meaningful format to encourage treatment discussions at the point of care. For physicians and other clinicians, @Point of Care provides an easy and quick way to extract relevant insights about their patients that can then be crosschecked against a clinical reference tool that is updated in real-time. By providing this information when it is most needed, @Point of Care not only helps improve the workflow in the clinic, it also creates opportunities to impact quality measures for providers.


“@Point of Care offers, for the first time, a mobile tool clinicians can use to analyze symptom tracking data at the point of care,” said Bob Stern, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of @Point of Care. “Together with its clinical reference tool, @Point of Care can not only improve efficiencies for each office visit, but could also help improve the quality of care and health outcomes.”


TEDMED 2014 will take place in Washington, DC, and San Francisco between September 10 and 12. The Hive is an immersive and informal social environment within TEDMED where new startup companies and innovative entrepreneurs have an opportunity to interact and share ideas with TEDMED delegates.


“We’re excited that TEDMED invited us to join The Hive,” Stern said. “It is through gatherings like this that entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders can not only meet and discuss new trends and opportunities, but potentially seek new ways to work together.”


“TEDMED is thrilled to welcome @Point of Care to The Hive 2014, presented in association with the StartUp Health Network,” said Shirley Bergin, Partner and COO/CMO of TEDMED. “Our team of expert curators evaluated several hundred applications and nominations before selecting @Point of Care as one of the most outstanding examples of scalable medical innovation. They demonstrated the power of imagination and the human, technological, and entrepreneurial potential that emerge from our collective ‘hive’ mind.”


Currently used by more than 200,000 clinicians, the @Point of Care platform provides a streamlined, mobile tool for clinicians to obtain evidence-based medical information when it is needed, enabling better decisions, better outcomes, and, potentially, better care. With the addition of consumer-facing apps focused on different medical conditions, clinicians can now assess patient-reported symptom data when determining treatment options for their patients.


The patient data collected through @Point of Care and the clinical decisions reached by the clinician can also be tracked and incorporated into electronic health records, making @Point of Care one of the few digital health platforms integrated into the healthcare system.


ABOUT @Point of Care


Founded in 2012, @Point of Care is dedicated to creating innovative digital tools that not only better connect patients, caregivers and, clinicians, but also provide a means to analyze and share data to encourage shared decision-making that can improve health outcomes. @Point of Care is a division of Projects In Knowledge (established in 1980), a fully accredited provider of free mobile apps, peer-reviewed education, and dynamic practice tools for physicians and other clinicians. Learn more about @Point of Care at www.atpointofcare.com.




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Robert Stern

Chief Executive Officer

@Point of Care™


[email protected]