@Point of Care bridges the gap between clinician, patient care and data by providing a platform to improve adherence, patient outcomes and engagement between the patient and clinician (health care professional).

Providing Patient-Centric Care
Patient education as a key component in achieving compliance with treatment; however, clinicians often do not routinely engage their patients, encourage patients to improve adherence, and enhance patient self-assessment of symptom control.
The @Point of Care™ platform will narrow these gaps by providing a comprehensive knowledge base of current and emerging diagnostic and management strategies based on the most up-to-date scientific data and clinical trial results, guidance, and insights from top clinician specialists all delivered in ways that allow learners to efficiently and effectively answer questions in practice and access relevant certified education directly related to their practice questions.
NEW – Linking clinician practice and patient support and data gathering to assess teach-back techniques and level 6 and level 7 outcomes.

@Point of CareTM coordinates all stakeholders of the healthcare eco-system, building on the core relationship between the clinician (HCP) and the patient. This key relationship can be quantified through our Analytical Health360 engine and is designed to allow feedback and data flow to patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations.


Clinical Decisions At The Point Of Care