Care Team and Sharing Data

By adding your Care Team, which consists of your physician and others in the office who assist in your care, such as a nurse practitioner, you will be able to connect and share your logged information with them. In turn, your physician/Care Team can monitor your symptoms and other patient reported data between visits and use this information to help improve management of your disease as well as send you new educational readings.

Connecting Your Care Team

There are four ways to connect to a Care Team member. The best two require that your care provider is already in our system. You can ask them to download one of our Clinician Apps at or signup at They are immediately assigned a unique Clinician Code. They can even print a poster with this code on it that you can scan using the Scan QR function on the upper right of this screen or you can simply enter manually it into the field below.

For the third method, all you need to do is provide the first name, the last name, and an e-mail address, phone number, or fax number for your clinician and click the “Save Clinician” button. @Point of Care will then attempt to establish the connection with your clinician for you but it’s best if you communicate directly. Of course, we need your permission to do this, so please make sure that the slider is moved to the right and green (see screen shot below).

When scanning a Clinician QR code, your camera will turn on and you simply center the QR code in the rectangle shown. You will get a confirmation upon success.
The fourth method is where you show the Clinician who has our Clinician app YOUR QR Code, accessed from lower left of home page. They in turn scan your code to add you to their patient list.

Care Team Syncing

If you don’t have the code yet, we will send you an e-mail with your clinician’s code once the connection has been established. To verify that the connection is reflected in your App, please confirm that your clinician’s name displays under “Registered Clinicians” in the Care Team section. If you enter or scan the code yourself, they should immediately appear in the list.

Once the connection is made, you control when your information is shared. When you are ready to share your data with your Care Team, simply press the silver sync button to the right of the clinician’s name with the red symbol on it. When red, this means your data isn’t accessible by them.

A prompt asking if you are sure you want your physician to have access to your information will appear. Click “Yes” to grant access.

Information is encrypted before being accessed, so connecting with your clinician is a safe and secure process. From this point forward, your clinician will be able to see charts with your unique data.

You can add as many Care Team members as you need.