1. How do I connect with my physician or other care team members?
    Enter your clinician’s name and as much information as you know. We will try to make the connection for you and let you know once we have everything set up. Sometimes it takes a while to engage these busy professionals, so we encourage you to enter information into your app on a regular basis, and bring your device with your to your medical appointments. This way you can show your charts to your care team even if they have not yet registered to connect with you.
  2. Does my data sync with my clinician automatically?
    No, you have to allow the clinician to see your data by tapping the sync button. There is also an alert that pops up to make sure that is what you want to do. Every time you want to share your charts with your care team, you have to initiate the connection this way.
  3. I see a box that says Forbidden, and I cannot enter data. What should I do?
    This is the idle time out message, please go to settings and tap log out and then log in again.
  4. How do the Reminders work?
    In the Settings section you can choose to be reminded about Lab Appointments, New Education Materials, Treatment Schedule, and your Last Login. The ones that you pick will then be posted in the Reminders section at the bottom of the home screen of the app. Please note that this app does not alert users of urgent healthcare matters, such as specifically when to take a medication or go to an appointment. While features of this app may include reminders for items such as new educational materials waiting to be read and daily reminders to document medications taken, this feature should not be used for important actions required as part of one’s healthcare and treatment plan.
  5. FOR MSAA iOS App users only: you may find information is missing from the updated App. Most data was moved over in the update process. However some information in your previous app was only stored locally and therefore did not move over to the new version. Please take a minute and review/reenter data as needed. This is a good chance to make sure everything is accurate and up to date. From now on you’ll be able to choose from answers in drop down menus, which makes it easier (no typing!) and also more accurate. Plus (and this is very important!) all data will be saved on a HIPAA-compliant server, which is a big improvement to ensure your privacy now and into the future.