New Users

This information will familiarize you regarding how to enter information in the app. The first time you tap one of the sections listed below, you will see a black screen with an arrow pointing to a plus sign.

  1. My Treatment
  2. My Lab Results
  3. My Journal
  4. My Exacerbations
  5. My Side Effects
  6. My Logs


For example, when you tap the ‘My Treatment’ icon for the first time, this will appear:


Adding Treatments


Tapping the plus (+) sign will bring up the first data entry screen below and you can begin to fill in the record. Anything with an asterisk next to it is required information.


data entry screen


It is important to remember that after you have filled in the fields, you need to tap “Save” in the top right corner to preserve the data.

The section called My Medical History is set up a little differently. Tapping “My Medical History” will bring up a screen with three choices, including My Medications, My Medical Conditions, and My Allergies. The My Medications section presents you with the usual black screen with the plus sign to start entering your data. Choosing the My Allergies section, however, brings up a short ‘yes’ or ‘no’ list to keep a record of allergies, and choosing the My Medical Conditions section for the first time will bring up the screen seen below.


my medical conditions screenmedical conditions screenshot


To enter your medical conditions, you must tap the “Edit” button which will present you with a comprehensive checklist of conditions in alphabetical order. Simply tap the boxes to indicate your medical conditions and when you are done, you can either hit the back arrow or the home icon to move to another section of the app. The information saves automatically.

Once you have at least one saved record in a section, you can tap the “edit” button to add more, to edit any of your existing information, or to delete a record if needed. To add, tap the plus sign. To edit, click on an individual record. And to delete, tap the trash can icon.


my treatment screenshotsecond my treatment screenshot