Existing Users

Set Up Your Treatments

Most patients will have some course of treatments, whether medications or others that have be prescribed to them. Go to the Treatments Panel from the Home Screen to set these up in the app. Tap the + button to add a new treatment or the trash can to delete. You can also edit existing treatments by tapping on the list item.

When adding a new treatment you have the option to give it your own custom name in the Treatment Name field. You can also enter in information about the schedule of when you take the treatment and even add it as a repeating reminder into your calendar.


If you want to set up the optional Treatment Schedule, use the sliders and selectors to dial in the times the best you can, otherwise slide the treatment cycle all the way to the left and it will say “as needed.” Once you agree to place a reminder in your calendar, you can go to your candor app to manage those reminders or delete them as you would anything on your calendar.


It is important to remember that after you have filled in the fields, you need to tap the “Save” button to preserve the data.

Once you have entered in a treatment, you can use the Treatments Taken function in the Journal.

Your Journal

The Journal is the most important aspect of the app for keeping track of your overall health story to share with your care givers or for your own purpose. That’s why the app will go straight to your journal once everything has been set up properly. Try to visit your Journal at least several times per week, or even better, once per day, to create an accurate account of your daily experiences and routines including your treatments taken as set up in the Treatments screen.