@Point of Care Patient Companion Apps

Patients are encouraged to download the relevant app(s) and then connect with their care providers. Our apps are specially designed to help patients track progress in a meaningful, user-friendly way that care providers can use to improve treatment regimens and monitor the patient’s health story. We include a curated education library to help patients learn about the disease, available treatments, best practices and much more. These can also be assigned to synced patients using our clinician apps.

Atrial Fibrillation Manager
Cholesterol Manager
Heart Failure Manager

Eczema Manager

Diabetes Manager

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Manager
Bladder Cancer Manager
Breast Cancer Patient Companion
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Manager
Head and Neck Cancer Manager
Hodgkin Lymphoma Manager
Kidney Cancer Manager
Liver Cancer Manager
Lung Cancer Manager
MDS and AML Manager
Ovarian Cancer Manager
Prostate Cancer Manager
Stomach Cancer Manager

Infectious Diseases
Hepatitis C Manager

ALS Manager
Alzheimer's Manager
MSAA My MS Manager
MSAA My MS Manager
Multiple Myeloma Manager
Parkinson's Disease Manager

Major Depressive Disorder Manager

Pulmonology and Allergy
Asthma Manager
COPD Manager
Cystic Fibrosis Manager

Rheumatologic Diseases
GCA Manager
Osteoporosis Manager
Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis Manager
Rheumatoid Arthritis Manager