Meet the Team

@Point of Care has assembled a team of the most talented, dedicated professionals in the healthcare enterprise.


Robert Stern MA

Founder-CEO @Point of Care
President Projects In Knowledge
Co-Founder FingerTip Formulary
Founder-CEO MedPage Today


Michele Fallon Ingram

Executive Vice President
Chief Operations Officer


Patricia Peterson

Executive Vice President
Chief Grant Funding Officer


David Setiadi B.Eng, MSc, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

About @Point of Care

Founded in 2012, @Point of Care is dedicated to creating innovative digital tools that not only better connect patients, caregivers, and clinicians, but also provide a means to analyze and share data to encourage shared decision-making that can improve health outcomes. @Point of Care is dedicated to the design and development of free mobile apps, peer-reviewed education, and dynamic practice tools for physicians and other clinicians.

How it Works

Bridging the Gap

@Point of Care™ bridges the gap between clinician, patient care and data by providing a platform to improve adherence, patient outcomes and engagement between the patient and clinician (health care professional).

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Technology Focused

Our mobile development and educational design teams have taken a major leap by implementing a 1-year wish list of design and functionality features that make this platform truly a point-of-care clinician-patient collaboration.

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Engagement Drivers

The @Point of Care™ platform has consistently produced dramatic gains in participants’ learning and intent to make positive changes in practice performance based on the information they learned and retained from this program.

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