MD Keyboard

The MD Keyboard™ extension for iOS is specially engineered with doctors and clinicians in mind. Simply download and then add this keyboard from your General Settings and it will become available as a normal keyboard for use in most apps such as Email, Notes and Messaging.


  The MD Keyboard allows you to query a vast medical knowledge base using IBM Watson™ and the returned results can be entered into the text you are typing so it’s like having Watson at your fingertips at any time from any app! With a free @Point of Care account, you can have links emailed to you for later credited CME activities within our Clinician Mobile and Web Apps or enter links to Watson source materials directly into your text stream.

On top of that, MD Keyboard provides a dynamic medical dictionary for word prediction and completion, including thousands of drug names. Also, we added more than the usual key alternates (long-press a key), giving you shortcuts to common medical abbreviations and scientific symbols such as bid and bp. Of course, it also learns the words you use most often so it gets better over time.

There is also Utility Mode where we will be offering a growing set of specialized tools, starting with a simple calculator that will type numerical results into your field so you don’t have to leave your current app and copy and paste.

Based on our patent pending MPU (Medical Processing Unit) technology, our system is engineered to incorporate 3rd-party tools, inputs and search mechanisms to further enhance the usefulness for busy medical practitioners.


The installation instructions are included in the Install Tab of the downloaded app that are common to all custom keyboards on iOS:

  1. Go to System Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards
  2. Tap Add New Keyboard
  3. Select MD Keyboard
  4. Then tap the MD Keyboard in the list after it is added to go to its settings
  5. Turn on Allow Full Access so it can contact @sk with Watson


Medical shortcuts on every key

Medical word completion eases
typing for doctors (iPad shown)

Choose light or dark style keyboard and
other prefs with the included app

Watson returns up to 10 answers
for medical queries

Handy calculator utility