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NSCLC: Integrating The “Yale Model Shared Decision-Making Solution” into the Practice Setting

@Point of Care, Dartmouth, Projects In Knowledge, and Yale collaborated to develop a pilot educational initiative to address and improve patient-centered care and shared decision making (SDM) processes for a multidisciplinary Yale Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) team in an institutional cancer care setting. Qualitative semi-structured interviews and case role-play scenarios were used to assess changes in understanding and practice behavior by team members from baseline to post-educational interventions. This pilot demonstrated improvement in SDM skills by all participating Yale NSCLC team members. The collaborative partnership presented these findings in a poster at ASCO 2020, demonstrating the acceptability, feasibility, and repeatability of the program to inform future education. View Poster

  • Rheumatoid [email protected] of Care: Informs Better Clinical Decisions, Fosters Shared Decision Making, and Improves Health Outcomes Projects In Knowledge (PIK), along with its technology partner @Point of Care, have developed a clinician learning and cognitive decision-making platform, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) @Point of Care, that serves clinicians and patients by driving educational innovation and insights into patient-reported outcomes. The Alliance for […]